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In 1967, first TİRSAN TRİFON established by Gaffar Sahin in a small workshop. TİRSAN TRİFON stopped to the importation from out of country by inventing, first Trifon Machine, in Turkey.

Our Founder G. Şahin

And the firm has been contribute to the developments in the "roof assembling" with his design "nailable-drilled trifon", was became one of the most qualifie, trusty and powerfull firm of Turkey.

TİRSAN TRİFON keeps on his facilities with support and confidence coming from his customers in 4000 m2 open and 2000 m2 closed area. The molds, which are used in their sector produces by themselves in their own places of mold.

Electro Galvanization Continues Covering Labours

In whole automatic,covering facility of "Electro Galvanization Continues Covering Labours" against corrasin in his standart of quality.

Fiberoptic cable hanger-bobbins,swivel,cylinder, any kind of special trifon product demands by the customers and "special dis cekme labours" etc.. made according to the type of the projects.

Istanbul Subway Station`s 20 000 m2 metal wall panel covering produced and assembled by our firm according to the project in a short time,and delivered successfully.

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